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In an era of skyrocketing fuel costs and escalating pressures on operating budgets, achieving the greatest possible energy efficiency has become an institutional imperative. SBS's Energy Management Services are grounded in a careful analysis of every aspect of a client's energy consumption, including procurement, operating practices, existing equipment, and building loads.

Our experienced engineers possess the technical knowledge required to evaluate system design and performance plus the operational experience to understand how equipment actually works on the ground. This unique dual perspective, melding theory and practice, stands in sharp contrast to that of most energy engineers and performance contractors.

Development of a holistic energy management plan can yield benefits large and small: sourcing at better prices and/or from more reliable suppliers, reducing consumption through painless changes in operations, extending the expected useful life of equipment through improved maintenance, and more. The cumulative contribution to the bottom line pays for the expense of the planning, many times over.

Energy Program Management

SBS provides the leadership and strategic perspective to help building owners develop and implement a plan to address their unique energy needs. Together, we'll identify immediate energy savings opportunities as well as examine critical issues for future energy needs, such as: fuel source, flexibility, redundancy, maintainability, and a host of related factors. Based on this understanding, SBS works with clients to implement our proprietary 3-P process: Propel (Produce rapid savings impact); Perform (Implement highest priority energy saving conservation measures); and Persist (Continue priority implementations and ensure savings persistence).

Central Plant and Building Optimization

Sometimes you can maximize your savings (and minimize your expenses) just by doing things differently. We optimize your heating/cooling plants and buildings by focusing our experience and expertise on operations and maintenance practices (rather than on the costly replacement of mechanical equipment and systems). This approach helps owners get the most out of their existing infrastructure and resources before considering expensive capital projects.

Energy Audit and Feasibility Studies

Sometimes big changes are needed to produce big results. Using sound engineering principles, precise measurements, and careful rate analysis, we can help you to predict with confidence both the implementation costs and the potential utility savings of capital projects. Only through this analysis can you identify solutions that make the most sense and hold the greatest promise for future savings. SBS can even help you locate the financing to study and implement new opportunities. What you do today can impact the bottom line for decades to come.

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