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SBS provides strategic planning services to clients who want a comprehensive assessment of their facilities-related needs, detailed options for addressing those needs, and a long-term program for prioritizing and implementing changes.

Working as an extension of our clients' existing staff, SBS provides support and guidance for all aspects of the planning process, including technical analysis of facilities needs, development of program needs and requirements (e.g., instructional, operational, research, residential), financial analysis, and documentation.

Comprehensive Strategic Planning

Together we examine every aspect of your current and future facilities needs, identify multiple options, and analyze the financial and programmatic impact of each scenario. A long-range capital plan for facilities is the enduring result.

Facilities Conditions Assessments

We'll conduct detailed assessments of and estimates for repairing building envelopes, finishes, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, grounds, code, and accessibility requirements. When we've documented the magnitude and the impact of deferred maintenance, we'll work with you to assign relative priorities and develop manageable capital and operating budget strategies.

Space Modernization Planning

Are your older facilities designed, configured, and equipped to meet your current and emerging needs? By studying user density, configuration options, support and common space distribution, technological infrastructure, proximity to program spaces, and other quantitative and qualitative factors, SBS can help you develop modernization plans (and the investment strategies to pay for them).

Space Quantification and Utilization Analysis

To identify both deficiencies and opportunities, you need to know exactly how much space is available and how it's being used. We don't just capture and analyze the data, we help you use it to define space standards, forecast the impact of user or program changes, and make long-range plans.

Building Programming

Together we'll develop the clearest possible definitions of space requirements for your new or renovated building project. This process gets the team on the same page right from the start, and lets designers develop the best physical solutions within the project budget you have available.

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