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Constructing a new facility is a 'once in a generation' undertaking for many institutions and organizations, few of which are staffed broadly or deeply enough to handle the myriad of details associated with a major building project.

Budget, schedules, building quality, project size, construction complexity, the labor environment, and market activity all affect the planning and contracting processes. In
particular, the relative values and exposures of construction management, design/build, lump-sum bids, and similar factors need to be thoroughly understood and weighed before entering into contractual relationships.

From project conception through project closeout, SBS provides clients with management assistance, technical and financial analysis, advocacy, and oversight to ensure they get the buildings they want.

Comprehensive Project Management

SBS's comprehensive services provide clients with the leadership, advocacy, and expertise they need to manage their capital projects from inception through final completion. We work with clients to make educated, strategic decisions based on
established management principles and systems. Our approach is always tailored to each client's specific needs and priorities.

Project Feasibility Analysis

From the get-go, we'll work with you to define several scenarios for program requirements and project budgets based on desired attributes, site characteristics, construction budgets, and financial constraints. Understanding the costs and the programmatic impact of each option will enable you to make fully informed decisions rather than premature commitments. 

Project Planning and Contracting

Together we'll build consensus around goals and specifications based on input from the building's future users, operators, and other stakeholders. Then, we'll help you choose a design team and a construction company that can fulfill your program goals within the constraints of your budget.

We can assist with creating RFPs, coordinating the bidding and selection process, developing a construction contracting strategy, managing negotiations, and creating documents.

Value Engineering

By examining and evaluating the design concept, product selections, and construction procedures during every phase of the project cycle, we'll help you get the most value for every dollar you spend. Together we can optimize the performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life-cycle costs of your building project.

Construction Quality Control

Throughout construction, we provide continuing oversight to ensure that you're getting the quality of materials, labor, and results you specified at the agreed-upon price. Specific services include on-site construction oversight, technical review of change order requests, and closeout of contracted work.

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