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Many of the nation's newer buildings actually embody substantial energy efficiencies and operational savings that are being largely ignored. In a climate of escalating utility costs and ever-increasing pressures on operating budgets, many building owners are turning to Retro-Commissioning (RCx) to realize these untapped potentials.

SBS is at the forefront of this emerging industry, collaborating with building owners and operators to realize relatively low-cost improvements in energy savings measures and building system operations. Lower energy and maintenance costs, a reduction in premature equipment failure, improved indoor air quality, increased occupant satisfaction, and an overall increase in asset value are among the benefits that building owners can expect to reap. We'll also help you develop O&M practices to sustain these benefits for years to come.


SBS experts will collect and review as much data and documentation as we can about your building: historical energy data, drawings, usage patterns, equipment specifications, and more. Based on this analysis, SBS will develop a Master List of O&M, minor retro-fit and capital recommendations. Together, we'll identify the improvements that hold the greatest promise to increase efficiency and create savings. Then as a team, we'll implement our plan, verify the results, and create the systems and documentation for your staff to sustain these savings.


Periodically every building can benefit from a re-commissioning process focused on ensuring the inefficiencies that have crept into operations are identified and adjusted. Even the best maintained buildings that were commissioned will experience a slip in efficiency because of today's complicated technical systems, human adjustments of controls, changes to space usage, or any number of other issues. Re-commissioning a building every three to five years will ensure that these energy and cost drains don't go unnoticed.

Building Optimization & Tune Up

Inefficiencies in energy and operations are not limited only to large, complex buildings. Smaller buildings with less complicated systems can also experience great benefits from the retro-commissioning process. Often referred to as Building Optimization or a 'tune up', public school buildings or other similar type buildings experience a significant reduction in energy usage and increased efficiencies. By tailoring the process to the size and sophistication of the buildings, commissioning can help an owner capture real savings as well as putting the O&M practices in place to sustain these savings.

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